About Us

Favourse is part of the SeminarDesk Family.

SeminarDesk is an all-in-1 solution for retreat centers, event venues, and workshop instructors. SeminarDesk covers everything needed to run successful events. From event planning, contact management, online booking, managing workshop rooms, accommodation, kitchen/catering, invoicing, and much more.

Our Vision

Helping People

achieve their dreams and reach their full potential

Connecting People

that want to teach and share and that want to learn and grow

Providing an Environment

that helps to find resources


the co-creation of learning spaces


acts of generosity, kindness, giving, and paying it forward


There are several benefits for Teachers, Creators, Students and other providers.

  • Be part of the Favourse-community and let us know which teachers, artists, and creators you’d love to see in your town and which topics you are interested in!
  • Subscribe and don’t miss when your favourite teacher or long-awaited teaching is going to happen near you or online!
  • You can find and win your favourite course!
  • You can have a space to showcase your work and connect to new students and fans
  • Find out where there is interest in your work and topics you teach - so you can decide which city to go next or what content to create
  • We help you to find technical solutions and support to grow your online teaching.
  • Offer your solutions and support to teachers that need it to grow their online teaching