Promote Your Product/Service

Get more exposure to your product or service by including it in one of our contests as a giveaway that our users can win.


What you can do with Favourse



People that are looking for a specific training/workshop/class can publish a “learning request” that describes their requirements and needs. Others can vote on these requests. And once enough demand is reached, educators and teachers can suggest their solutions - either their own solutions/offers or solutions by others.



Students can invite their favorite teacher or celebrity to their hometown or online event.


Coaching and Consultation

Someone can describe their challenges and needs for a coaching/consulting.

Contest Giveaway


Awarding Creators

For our launch, we will be running a contest and will be giving away prizes for “learning wishes” that have the most demand. The contest will award wish-creators that are most successful in terms of gaining the most participants or resources.

Awarding Participants

We will also award prizes to random participants that shared Wishes on social media.

Get Exposure

Offering your course, product, or service as a prize will give you exposure to more teachers and students as we will promote the prizes of our contest.

To apply with your product or service just send us an email at

[email protected]